Get Bent!


Moccasin Bend Bicycle Company is the result of years of bicycle industry experience and 30 years of riding: a balance of work and play, business and passion.

After all, riding is all about balance, right? It’s our opinion that to be successful in the bicycle industry one must balance passion and pragmatism. Passion is wonderful, but it’s wasted if not tempered by a degree of involvement in the mundane. Therefore, our passion drives us to create the bikes we want to ride, and our pragmatism demands that we offer them for the most reasonable cost. One area where we will not compromise is our determination to see that you are ecstatic about your Moccasin Bend frame or bike. For us, owning and riding bikes is one of life’s great joys, and we want you to have the same experience.

We’re based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a town surrounded by great trails and a large pool of talent when it comes to cycling in general and the high-performance bicycle industry in particular. This knowledge base has freed us to put together a solid group of suppliers and builders in an effort to provide the best products possible at a reasonable price.

We serve the mountain bike market with lightweight carbon fiber and Chattanooga-built steel frames. Our line of frames is small and simple, with only a carbon hardtail, a steel hardtail and a carbon full suspension offering. Our frames’ geometries are biased towards XC riding as that’s the kind of riding which predominates in this part of the country. We refer to our bikes as “singletrack, trees bikes”, because they’re quick-handling machines best suited to threading through the area’s 100+ miles of forested singletrack.

We are a small company, so you’re likely to speak to an owner when you contact us. We like that kind of interaction. It’s direct, and we can answer your inquiries quickly and confidently.

We offer our frames and bikes here – in a web-based, consumer-direct model – as we believe it’s the best way to show our products to the broadest audience while maintaining reasonable pricing. We offer one product: Moccasin Bend Bicycles. We simply offer better pricing when we sell bikes to you directly. Better for you and better for us.